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Company Reactivation or Restoration Panama Corporations

Panamanian companies that have undergone a formal suspension or dissolution now have the option of reactivation (for suspended companies) or restoration (for dissolved companies)

The reactivation of a Corporation in Panama is possible at any time before its dissolution has been finalized (suspended companies).


Upon reactivation (suspended companies) the company may continue with its legal and contractual relations that had not ended and which have not been liquidated. In order to do this a resolution of  the majority shareholders has to be effected in order to approve the decision to reactivate the company. For this to be accomplished, a General Shareholders Meeting have to be protocolized by a Notary which will then be registered in the Public Registry.

The process of restoration (when it has been dissolved) of a company would require the company to be re-incorporated with the same name, resident agent, directors and registration address. This will also need a resolutions from the majority of shareholders to approve the decision to restore and hold a shareholders meeting which will be registered in the Public Registry.  Once this has been accomplished, the owner may instruct to change the resident agent, registered address, and directors of the company. A restoration may take longer than a reactivation.

We also provide company formations, certificates of good standing, payment of government fees, resident agent and directors, or changes of registered agents. We will also provide you for a fee with the status of your current Panama entity.​​ We accept major credit cards VISA / MASTERCARD / AMERICAN EXPRESS.

If you would like to learn more about the reactivation or the restoration process for a panama corporation, or request any other document ​you can write to FIDEX GROUP SA, Tel: +507-227-1741.


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